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The NSL in 2019

Happy New Year 🎊🎈🎉🍾 

Let’s start by recapping 2018 and our 1st year in business. In August of 2017 we introduced the NSL as the National Street League and brought out the flagship SnapBacks by October. But we told you guys that we had more in store for you, and by the beginning of 2018 we brought 16 NSL team hats to the world. Not to stop there, we manufactured polos, buckets, beanies, other SnapBacks. Over 100 different hats in total, and a mixture of other apparel that has been well accepted into the street/urban sector of the clothing market. Not bad for an small upcoming hat brand. 

Now to 2019. To say we’ve learned a lot about the clothing industry and what the streets want would be an understatement. So this year we will continue to give you an array of headwear, as well as other sports apparel and continue to stay on top as the #1 independent Cap Co. In the U.S. With that said evolution is an given. We will be stream lining the NSL team hats and classic SnapBacks only to bring you an unlimited amount in the near future, and what we have in store for you, we believe you’ll love just as much if not more. 

So if you loved our teams hats I’d get all I could right now because they have become “Limited Editions” Our new line will be out February 2019. ✅

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