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April 2019

Greeting from Team NSL, so as of April 2019 the NSL continues our reign on top as the #1 independent Cap Company in America. 🎊🎉 Weve added 36 more hats to our brand with the new city collection, bring us to we’ll over 100 hats. Now we challenge and independent Cap Co. to make as many as us.  

Other than that we are currently getting ready for summer coming up with new t-shirt designs, more women’s gear and of course we have a new hats in store. 

We were gonna phase out the 001 classic but as of now we’ll currently be keeping it around. The streets like it and we listen. 

Here at NSL headquarters we were working everyday to bring to lifestyle to every corner of the country. We’d like to thank every from all over who has made a purchase and supported the brand and understand it’s not just a brand, ita an movement. 💯

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